Meeting rooms

Plenary assembly: 536 persons including 110 places on the mezzanine, 9 persons on the podium (there is the possibility for a lectern in the central aisle)

The splendid Conclave room is one of the most prestigious venues in the Palace. The wooden vaulted ceiling in the form of an inverted hull has been entirely recreated.

In the 14th century, the Conclave room was the Guest quarters. The leaders of the Christian world including King John the Good, Emperor Charles IV, Pierre IV King of Aragon, Louis II of Bourbon, the Duke of Orléans, the Duke of Berry, the Duke of Burgundy and others all stayed here.

Exceptionally, during the election of a Pope, this room served to lodge the cardinals and their suites. The large archway at the end of the room was opened to join the Conclave room to the Grand Tinel room, the vast banquet hall used for pontifical receptions.

Characteristics :

  • 350 m²
  • Stage lighting, Internet, WIFI, High-definition video projection, video recording, recording of debate.
  • Audio-visual: 1 8m x 5m central screen - 4 4m X 3m side screens.
  • Sound: HF room, podium and lectern mikes.
  • Simultaneous translation: 4 booths + 1 possible on the mezzanine.
  • Plenary: 259 persons + 11 on the podium.
  • Armchairs with writing tablets. .
  • Conclave room. 536 pax - 350 m2

    Conclave room. 536 pax - 350 m2