Honnor Courtyard

Reception Room

Space for evening events, cocktail parties, banquets and animations for 700 persons*.

The Honour Courtyard adjoins the Grande Audience hall.

The Champeaux entrance opens on to an elegant vestibule which leads to the Honour Courtyard, a vast space around which rise impressive stone walls. At the time of the Popes, in the 14th century, this Courtyard was known as the Palace Square.


As buildings went up around it, this large rectangle became an enclosed courtyard. In the 1300’s, Pope Clement VI added two wings to the south and the west of the palace built by his predecessor Pope Benedict XII. These new wings housed the Grande Chapelle and the lodgings for the Grand Dignitaries. The north and the east walls around the courtyard belonged to the “Old Palace” built by Pope Benedict XII. In our time, the Courtyard became the magical setting for one the biggest theatre festivals in the world; for it was here that Jean Vilar staged his first plays when he founded the “Week of Art” in Avignon.



500 m²

* Subject to availability with respect to the Avignon Festival



Honnor Courtyard. 700pax - 500m2

Honnor Courtyard. 700pax - 500m2

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